Thursday, 29 October 2009

Absolut rocks your drinks!

Weeeeeeeell!!! I saw this on the back cover of this month's wallpaper magazine and had to check it out myself. Yes it is what it looks like; a leather case with badass rock n' roll studs for your absolut bottle. This rock edition bottle is the brain child of the artist Alex Trochut and you can all bet your sweet bottoms the next time I serve any of you a drink the source will be one of these babies.

go to to see more pics and some fun vodka cocktail recipes.

Don't drink and drive!!!

YSL Tribute Pumps

Everyone with whom I discuss these shoes either hates them or loves them. There really seems to be no middle ground on this one. Comments range from "Louboutin rip offs" to "hate platforms" to "stripper shoes" to "OMG, where do I buy these" to "mgnfhbnsksks (that's a girlfriend of mine drooling).

Bottom line is these shoes will be more comfortable than your average pumps, will last you a very long time if properly maintained and will get you noticed with a DIFC based fashion junkie

So there, I said it, I love them!

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Tribute to Loomi's pins

I'd love to take credit for cooking up the idea for this lil touch I have been putting on my jackets lately. But that would be cheating and I don't want my pants on fire. It all started with an innocuous pin that Loomi brought back from London. White little number with the word 'Genius' in purple. So I wore that on my suit all day and hey what do you know, it worked. So a few google searches later and I stumbled upon; the mecca of pins. Their collection's depth is astounding and it took me a good couple of hours to see through everything. The end result was a few really cheeky pins to go with my cheeky monkey personality (coincidentally one of the pins actually says cheeky monkey!)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

So... Here I am. A financial engineer, plying my trade in world capital markets embarking on publishing my thoughts on the world of........ errr fashion!

This has been in the making for a while. Everytime I have dressed a friend for any occasion, made a comment about a passerby's shoes (that's for you Malee) or have brought out my latest spin on fashion rebellion I have been encouraged to share it with my network.

So let the adventure begin. I am not here to reinvent the wheel, but here to share what I find sexy, trendy, rebellious, outrageously kitch, or ridiculously cute.

I look forward to sharing my passion and making some new friends