Monday, 1 March 2010

Let's hit the beach...ummm or the club?

As I previously mentioned something funky and sexy is happening at Gucci. I was having drinks with Helen (a lovely fashion savvy sweetheart) last week and we both agreed that Frida is injecting some serious sex appeal into the S/S 2010 collection.

Case in point this very heart palpitating (from a male perspective) swimsuit. The shoes and the bag really take this outfit from your casual beach fare to what you would wear on a billionaire's super yacht. Nonetheless the whole thing is quite sexy without being cheap.

I promise to mortgage my life and buy some sort of a boat if someone promises to wear this


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Some Dolce goodies

Really no write up required. Some really nice pieces from Dolce & Gabbana's Summer and Spring 2010 collection. Enjoy!

Gucci bags and shoes

It had been a while since I had gotten excited about anything Frida had done. That changed when I started scouring their S/S 2010 collection. I will be showcasing many of their pieces (specifically dresses and complete look) but to get you started I wanted to showcase one of my favorite bags along with a couple of ankle booties.
Watch this space for more Gucci looks!

Signor Casadei, you do sparkle!

I have received a lot of feedback regarding platform shoes recently. Some ladies love them while others strongly show their dislike towards them. Personally I am a big fan of most of the platforms out there and these ones from Casadei are just gorgeous.
Casadei is still run as a family business in Italy and their shoes are not too widely available which would make any pair you own fairly unique. I absolutely love the sparkles on the heel and sole and the Satin Fabric of the shoes adds an alluring shine to any outfit.
These are my faves at the moment

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Fendi Beauties

Over the past years I have seen very few Fendi pieces that I have liked. I am not a big fan of the logo or the aesthetic design of many of their pieces. These shoes however are clearly an exception!

Beautiful color, sharp and clean shape, and a super sexy bow all add up to make an exceptional pair of heels. There are a lot of white heels coming on to the market for Summer/Spring but these really are creme de la creme of the bunch

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lotta Stensson Dress

Keeping in line with the previous article, here is another lovely summer/beach/garden party/doing shots in Cabo dress that I really like. FYI ladies the fringe cut at the bottom of the dress has a hypnotic effect on the male mind and will allow you to control actions/thoughts of the poor ol boys

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Kimberly Ovitz Dress

Dubai weather hits its perfect range between early March and late April and that translates into lots of outdoor events (ummm beach party anyone?). Good weather commands even better clothes and I think I have found some interesting pieces that will keep you cool and comfortable and also help you turn heads.

This is a beautiful silk dress by Kimberly Ovitz that has everything done right (it is even paired with McQueen boots in the photo!). The silk will almost be as smooth as all the lines boys will drop on you while you wear this ;) enjoy

R.I.P Alexander

Emma (whom I adore) and I were talking about McQueen shoes last week and then were shocked and saddened when we heard the news. I won't write much about these; you can appreciate the genius by just looking at them.

Python Louboutins!!

Yes, we get it, everyone by now knows who Louboutin is (even my dad!); everyone recognizes the patent red sole and everyone wants a pair. I even have a few friends who think they are losing cache and are becoming too frequently worn. All of that cannot take away from the beauty that is the new python Loubies!
I have actually seen these in person and they put a spell on you. Beautiful texture, master craftsmanship and a color that could really make a statement. Many people would be tempted to pair these with white outfits but DON'T!!!
These would look fantastic paired with blue jeans and/or dresses. You could also go for black and let the evil/good look work for you.

Jimmy Chooooo??? impressed witchu!

OK, if you would like to revisit my thoughts on Choo see the post below. I know I said I wasn't a big fan, blah blah etc, but these heels are art not fashion. Having a pair of these snake skins on your feet would put you in serious contention as my potential bride to be. You will see these ALL summer long and for good reason. They have amazing shape, the colors are very beautiful and they will transform any outfit from mediocre to jawdropping.

Run to a store near you ASAP!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jimmy Choo, Whats up withchu??

I am not going to lie, I am not the biggest Jimmy Choo fan in the world. Do not ask me to explain myself I just thought the shoes became a bit blase after initially taking off. But I was pleasantly surprised to see these from the last collection.
The top one in particular has been very popular on the red carpet circuit and oooh lalala parties and for good reason. They are HOT!
Let me know what you think of these

Monday, 1 February 2010

Eighty Six Striped Dress

There is a definite trend of striped tops, dresses, scarves and even socks at the moment. The right stripes can be very very chic and flattering.
I found this dress browsing around and I really really like it. It can be a very casual beach outfit with flat or sandals or alternatively it can be amped up by thigh high boots or stilettos for a night out.
The kicker is this dress is only USD 66 (yes sixty six dollars!!). Msg me if you want to know where to get it from :)

Black Halo part II

Methinks I am developing a soft spot for Black Halo dresses. They are really putting a lot of creativity and interesting touches to their dresses that are just enough to give you a personalized look.
This one is all about the detailing on the back. The low rectangular cut, the playful strap across the shoulder and the vavavoom draping effect on the bum bum.
This is one hot LBD.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dandy Dior Duo Deliver Deliciousness

Oh good ol' Dior! I can be on either side of the fence on CD but this shoe and bag combo sits well with me. The color, the material (crocodile) the shapes and textures are all classic, elegant and timeless. We all know crocodiles don't come cheap but if looked after properly a classic shoe such as this can become a centerpiece of your wardrobe for many years.
On that note, start saving your money!

Black Halo Dress

I have always been and always will be a sucker for assymetry and in particular one shouler tops and dresses. I suppose there is a suggestiveness with the one shoulder look that suggests playful possibilities.
This is a number done by Black Halo, a brand that is gaining some serious momentum. The draping effect of the sleeve and its contrast with the tight fit around the waist make for a tasty visual effect. I would have paired the dress with a pair of shoes with some serious POW! factor. But you can do that yourself by going to and purchasing it for your collection!

Grace Hats Anzu Watch hat and scarf

I know this one has limited use in Dubai but everyone else who experience a real winter will certainly appreciate the importance of a cute hat. These are done by Grace Hats a Japanese company that brings a fresh take to beanies, hats and caps. The detailing on the beanie is really cute and the color would really make you stand out on a gray dull day!
They come in various colors and cost about US$ 70. Go to to buy

Elizabeth and James Jumpsuit

This really really got me. The jumpsuit, the shoes it is paired with and even the stance of the model is attractive to me. You would be able to get a lot of mileage out of something like this. It would work all year round in Dubai, it is in a versatile color, would fit most women and is simply hooooooot!

Now go out, buy one and let me hit on you!

Military lives on! Atteeeeention!

By now the military jackets that Balmain put out last year have reached legendary status. There are at least 7 knock offs that I know of and everyone still lust after them.

Well Balmain is back at it for their Spring 2010 collection. This one is olive green, has medals, tassles and ample amounts of attitude. It was paired with leather pants for the runway show but dark denim, mini skirts and shorts would work as well.

Just don't ask about the price!

The boots that started catfights; Merci Isabel Marant

These boots created a frenzy, a stampede and a rush to stores like never before. No joke!
When these Isabel Marant Otway boots came out, they created such a buzz that every boutique that carried them got mobbed by ladies eager to get their hands on and feet in the booties. And it seems for good reason as these babies would look hot with mini skirts, dresses as well as leggings.
You will turn quite a few heads assuming you were savvy, resourceful or a martial artist enough to have wrangled these out of some one's hands!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Nicholas Kirkwood Suede Platform Boots

I am quite partial to chocolate/dark brown as the main color of choice for the winter season. And Nicholas Kirkwood has taken that color and plastered it on one of the most beautiful ankle suede boots I have ever seen. These boots really work well with so many different colors and can be incorporated with jeans, stockings, short dresses, winter jackets, you name it.

One of the best pieces I have seen in recent months.