Monday, 21 December 2009

The perfect gym bag?

Despite popular belief sometimes when I am not lazy enough or "busy at work" I actually manage to make an appearance at the gym. It is during these times when I am struggling to find things to pull or life without killing myself that I wonder about some fashionable gym items.

The gym that I am a member of gives away a free backpack adorned with their corporate colors to all new members and many people actually use these bags. The problem is they are not very spacious, are not well made and are incredibly (with an emphasis on INCREDIBLY) ugly!

I saw this Lanvin bag a while ago and I think it would make a perfect gym bag especially for the professional women who head to the gym at the end of the work day still dressed in office attire.
If you think a Lanvin bag is a bit too much for your gym clothes remember that this bag can also double as an excellent carry on piece for flights or a great weekend getaway item!

And please....throw away those plastic blue backpack!

to buy go to

Newcomer on the block! all hail Camilla Skovgaard

A prominent new talent in the world of fashion, Camilla Skovgaard is making quite a splash with her creative take on shoes and accessories. She has already been shortlisted for 2009 British Fashion Awards in the accessories category and her star is certainly on the rise. It is interesting to know that she spent 7 years in Dubai making shoes and accessories for various royal family members before moving on to London to further her experience and education by obtaining an MA in footwear design and creative development

I really enjoy her creative take on the stiletto and am quite fond of her signature sawtooth on the sole as they really make her shoes fierce and "toothy"!!!

I predict she will become quite big in the next couple of years! You heard of her here first!!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Abstract Hotness for your feet!

This beauty was brought to my attention courtesy of my partner in crime Ms. Sharob!!! Christian Louboutin has been trying to diversify away from mono-color patent pumps and boots into funkier and more creative pieces. I have to admit that I had been disappointed with most of the new pieces until I saw this.

At first glance these shoes might come across as too loud and busy but wear them with a simple black mini-dress and you will get a pop! factor so loud you are going to have to distribute ear plugs!

At $1500 they are not cheap but this is one shoe that literally blows minds away.

To buy them click on

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Motorbike and rocker attitude sold separately

I am very big on leather jackets this year. Those of you who have seen me around lately would certainly vouch for that fact. As seen on this blog before I also have a soft spot for the military/band jackets that have been coming out lately. Imagine my joy when I saw this piece from French Connection that really combines the two!

With leather jackets fit is critically important. Most people end up buying jackets that are far too big and end up looking like a slouchy washed up biker. You should try on sizes until the jacket is too tight and then buy one size larger.

Pair these with the right jeans and boots and come air guitar with Kavoux!!!