Monday, 21 December 2009

The perfect gym bag?

Despite popular belief sometimes when I am not lazy enough or "busy at work" I actually manage to make an appearance at the gym. It is during these times when I am struggling to find things to pull or life without killing myself that I wonder about some fashionable gym items.

The gym that I am a member of gives away a free backpack adorned with their corporate colors to all new members and many people actually use these bags. The problem is they are not very spacious, are not well made and are incredibly (with an emphasis on INCREDIBLY) ugly!

I saw this Lanvin bag a while ago and I think it would make a perfect gym bag especially for the professional women who head to the gym at the end of the work day still dressed in office attire.
If you think a Lanvin bag is a bit too much for your gym clothes remember that this bag can also double as an excellent carry on piece for flights or a great weekend getaway item!

And please....throw away those plastic blue backpack!

to buy go to

Newcomer on the block! all hail Camilla Skovgaard

A prominent new talent in the world of fashion, Camilla Skovgaard is making quite a splash with her creative take on shoes and accessories. She has already been shortlisted for 2009 British Fashion Awards in the accessories category and her star is certainly on the rise. It is interesting to know that she spent 7 years in Dubai making shoes and accessories for various royal family members before moving on to London to further her experience and education by obtaining an MA in footwear design and creative development

I really enjoy her creative take on the stiletto and am quite fond of her signature sawtooth on the sole as they really make her shoes fierce and "toothy"!!!

I predict she will become quite big in the next couple of years! You heard of her here first!!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Abstract Hotness for your feet!

This beauty was brought to my attention courtesy of my partner in crime Ms. Sharob!!! Christian Louboutin has been trying to diversify away from mono-color patent pumps and boots into funkier and more creative pieces. I have to admit that I had been disappointed with most of the new pieces until I saw this.

At first glance these shoes might come across as too loud and busy but wear them with a simple black mini-dress and you will get a pop! factor so loud you are going to have to distribute ear plugs!

At $1500 they are not cheap but this is one shoe that literally blows minds away.

To buy them click on

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Motorbike and rocker attitude sold separately

I am very big on leather jackets this year. Those of you who have seen me around lately would certainly vouch for that fact. As seen on this blog before I also have a soft spot for the military/band jackets that have been coming out lately. Imagine my joy when I saw this piece from French Connection that really combines the two!

With leather jackets fit is critically important. Most people end up buying jackets that are far too big and end up looking like a slouchy washed up biker. You should try on sizes until the jacket is too tight and then buy one size larger.

Pair these with the right jeans and boots and come air guitar with Kavoux!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

See you at the beach party!!!

Well, Mr. Kavoux, Loomz and the rest of the gang will be heading to Hed Kandi at the Atlantis this Friday. In order to be prepared for the night of dancing on a beach I thought I'd put up a few pieces of breezy party attire on the blog.

Consider me charmed

I have my own views on jewellery. I usually like understated, abstract pieces that can either make an outfit pop or compliment it. As such I had never been too enthusiastic on charms and charm bracelets (although Estelle would disagree ;)!!!). Tiffany's has a range that I had always thought of as rather blase.

Enter Thomas Sabo! The website allows you to build completely custom pieces by giving you a range of choices in the bracelet, color, clasp type and individual charm pieces. The result is a unique and catchy piece of jewellery reflective of each persons taste and personality.

Are these Shoes worth $2400?????

The appeal is undeniable. These are very nice heels, are versatile, qualify as quite unique and lest we forget are Louboutins. They will last a very long time, the colors work with black, white, red AND blue and the style is classic enough not to be a seasonal piece. All these great selling points cannot sway me over the fact these shoes cost, brace yourself please, USD 2400!!!

Yes that is right these shoes cost around 400 happy meals or roughly around 10% of Mr. Kavoux's GDP!!! Mr. Kavoux would consider buying one of these only if you can arrange for a financial bailout in the aftermath

Would you be willing to pay these much on a pair of heels???

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

mmm...excuse me are you in a band?

Leather pants are tough to pull off. The fit has to be right, you must have the proper legs/bum for them, the pants have to match the rest of the outfit and be made of high quality leather.

If done properly they will blow everyone away and if done wrongly they will make you look like rejects from a Poison groupie convention.

I think leather pants coupled with a short dark denim jacket is a good look this year. I saw this in Dsquared's 2009 fall show and although am not too sure about the corset/top hybrid really do like the rest of the look. It gives off a really rebellious rock attitude that all of us boys are crazy about. Plus it really will show off your legs. Its not for everyone but is a good look nonetheless.

Fender guitars strapped to the back are of course optional

RUN, GO AHEAD, RUN to H&M NOW!!!! Jimmy Choo drops Nov 14

I have been a huuuuuuge fan of H&M's capsule collections. From Karl Lagerfield, to Comme des Garcons to Matthew Williamson they have all been innovative, cutting edge and very very cheap. I had thought of MW's collection as the best of the bunch; until now that is
Jimmy Choo's capsule drops on November 14th and I have to admit that it exceeded my expectations. The clutch bags and the shoes are indeed very sleek, modern and sexy. But it was the dresses that blew me away. The short blue number and the black string dress are some of the sexiest pieces I have seen this year.
These are indeed capsule collections. If you go a couple of days after they are released you are guaranteed to be out of luck. Head out early and grab them while they last

That Megan Fox!!!

That wily Megan Fox!!! It's not enough that she is corrupting the subconscious of most male (and female minds) with her sex appeal, now she is influencing fashion trends. Yes, I do believe her Marilyn tattoo has made its way to the fashion zeitgeist.
Dolce & Gabbana have produced a few stunning pieces for their 2010 line. There are dresses, skirts, tops all with black and white Ms. Monroe motifs on them. My two favorite pieces are featured here.
I really like the dress, its very 1950s (appropriate given Monroe's rise in that decade) and would look good both in formal and casual settings.
However i absolutely LOVE the skirt. I would have paired it with a black top too. In the show it was paired with black heels and stockings but would work well bare legged and with a variety of shoe colors (I in fact would put a pop of color on the feet!)
Standing on a sewer vent and having your skirt blown up is of course optional

Thursday, 5 November 2009

I've got my eyes on your thighs

Ankle, mid knee, calf, knee length; these are all boots of yesteryear. The way to go this year is thigh high numbers like the ones above.
You can wear them with mini dresses as well as on top of skinny jeans. It might take a leap of faith (not to mention courage to try them on for the first time but this look really has proven a hit when I have seen it out!

Ruthie Davis Bullseye

Ruthie Davis does some great shoes. They are usually loud, different and sexy. I think I'm a sucker for hot pink accents on a lady.

I am really curious to see what you all think of this number.

You can find the rest of her collection at:

When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band...

Yes, I am aware that this jacket costs around 6000 Benjamins, BUT come on!!! If this doesn't scream out rocker chic with a dash of rebellion mixed with punk attitude with a big dose of sex appeal then nothing will.
This jacket in a white tank, low rise jeans and amazing stilettos is what my bride will be wearing!!
Wearing this jacket will result in 12 pick up attempts, 3 marriage proposals and at least 2 stalkers. Buyer beware!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How do you spell fashion on a budget?? Z-A-R-A

Yes I have heard all the excuses before: Their stuff falls apart, the clothes shrink if you wash them, the stitching is not done well, I don't score with girls when i am wearing them blah blah blah

Well if you want to get fashion at this price that looks exactly like the original AND lasts for a few years then your money is better spent buying a magic lamp with a genie inside.

Case in point is the above photo from Zara's A/W 2009 line. The blazer is inspired by Tom Ford's latest lapel take on tuxedos and if you want the original well shell out ~ 4000 US kahunas.

The denim vest is a Dsquared number slightly mutated and lord knows they ain't cheap.

A lot of guys and gals out there are also designing distress leather boots and if you don't want to shell out north of 500 US Mr. Washingtons then well buy these ones.

In fact I think will get this outfit, put one of my notorious pins on it and head out on town and paint it some random shade of crimson.


F1 worthy sandals!

Although this weekend's Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix was all about deafening engine noise, rocking concerts, phenomenal track & facilities, and spending a wonderful time with coz and all his friend, Mr. Kavoux still managed to capture something else he liked.

I was preparing myself to perform another masterful air guitar solo (oh yes, I air guitar like Joe Perry's long lost son) to Aerosmith at their concert. Lo and behold here comes Romi the Roman inspired Rocker!!!

If you are going to stand on large pieces of gravel for three hours listening to music you better be wearing flats. If you want to look really great while doing that you've gotta call Romi and somehow get your hands on these sandals.

errrr....rock on Romi!!!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Finally! the right fit!

Guys, if you are reading this, pay close attention. Ladies, if you are reading this drag your guys to the screen, hit them upside the head and make them pay close attention .
Read my lips:


You can get the best designs out there, buy the wrong size and look like a hobo. In men's fashion the fit of the dress shirt is one of the most overlooked factors. Guys as a rule only check the fit of the neck. If its the right size around the neck it must be the right fit right? WRONG!!!!!!! This is why I see men walking around DIFC with puffy shirts tucked into pants that makes them look like the michelin man.

GQ's November issue has a fantastic spread on how a shirt should fit. Check the link below:


- If you want fantastic slim fit shirts on a budget head to H&M (GQ tip)
- If you want better quality slim fit shirts check out Brooks Brothers' super slim line (GQ tip)
- For the best fit of all head to Bespoke at the DIFC where for 450 DHS (~ 120 USD) you can get a tailor made shirt. They will measure you properly, have a phenomenal range of fabrics, can customize your shirts and will keep your measurements on file (Mr. Kavoux tip)

What to wear for a li'l stroll

This is one of the pieces that recently stopped me in my tracks. This is from Chanel's latest print ad campaign. What caught my eye was the detailing of the buttons on the front of the jacket as well the cool fringes on the sleeves. I really think this jacket if matched with the right jeans and heels could turn heads, make men drool and incite them to use very cheesy pick up lines. Caveat emptor!!!

Does this make me look green???

No, it's not an optical illusion. What you see before you is 3000 (read three THOUSAND) Lacoste croc logos stitched together by the very creative Campana brothers who hail from Rio. Apparently only 12 of these will ever be made so they probably will be errrr...hard to get a hold of!

I am still unsure how comfortable this would be but you cannot doubt the creativity and utter coolness of the shirt!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Absolut rocks your drinks!

Weeeeeeeell!!! I saw this on the back cover of this month's wallpaper magazine and had to check it out myself. Yes it is what it looks like; a leather case with badass rock n' roll studs for your absolut bottle. This rock edition bottle is the brain child of the artist Alex Trochut and you can all bet your sweet bottoms the next time I serve any of you a drink the source will be one of these babies.

go to to see more pics and some fun vodka cocktail recipes.

Don't drink and drive!!!

YSL Tribute Pumps

Everyone with whom I discuss these shoes either hates them or loves them. There really seems to be no middle ground on this one. Comments range from "Louboutin rip offs" to "hate platforms" to "stripper shoes" to "OMG, where do I buy these" to "mgnfhbnsksks (that's a girlfriend of mine drooling).

Bottom line is these shoes will be more comfortable than your average pumps, will last you a very long time if properly maintained and will get you noticed with a DIFC based fashion junkie

So there, I said it, I love them!

Post your own comments

Tribute to Loomi's pins

I'd love to take credit for cooking up the idea for this lil touch I have been putting on my jackets lately. But that would be cheating and I don't want my pants on fire. It all started with an innocuous pin that Loomi brought back from London. White little number with the word 'Genius' in purple. So I wore that on my suit all day and hey what do you know, it worked. So a few google searches later and I stumbled upon; the mecca of pins. Their collection's depth is astounding and it took me a good couple of hours to see through everything. The end result was a few really cheeky pins to go with my cheeky monkey personality (coincidentally one of the pins actually says cheeky monkey!)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

So... Here I am. A financial engineer, plying my trade in world capital markets embarking on publishing my thoughts on the world of........ errr fashion!

This has been in the making for a while. Everytime I have dressed a friend for any occasion, made a comment about a passerby's shoes (that's for you Malee) or have brought out my latest spin on fashion rebellion I have been encouraged to share it with my network.

So let the adventure begin. I am not here to reinvent the wheel, but here to share what I find sexy, trendy, rebellious, outrageously kitch, or ridiculously cute.

I look forward to sharing my passion and making some new friends