Monday, 2 November 2009

Finally! the right fit!

Guys, if you are reading this, pay close attention. Ladies, if you are reading this drag your guys to the screen, hit them upside the head and make them pay close attention .
Read my lips:


You can get the best designs out there, buy the wrong size and look like a hobo. In men's fashion the fit of the dress shirt is one of the most overlooked factors. Guys as a rule only check the fit of the neck. If its the right size around the neck it must be the right fit right? WRONG!!!!!!! This is why I see men walking around DIFC with puffy shirts tucked into pants that makes them look like the michelin man.

GQ's November issue has a fantastic spread on how a shirt should fit. Check the link below:


- If you want fantastic slim fit shirts on a budget head to H&M (GQ tip)
- If you want better quality slim fit shirts check out Brooks Brothers' super slim line (GQ tip)
- For the best fit of all head to Bespoke at the DIFC where for 450 DHS (~ 120 USD) you can get a tailor made shirt. They will measure you properly, have a phenomenal range of fabrics, can customize your shirts and will keep your measurements on file (Mr. Kavoux tip)

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