Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How do you spell fashion on a budget?? Z-A-R-A

Yes I have heard all the excuses before: Their stuff falls apart, the clothes shrink if you wash them, the stitching is not done well, I don't score with girls when i am wearing them blah blah blah

Well if you want to get fashion at this price that looks exactly like the original AND lasts for a few years then your money is better spent buying a magic lamp with a genie inside.

Case in point is the above photo from Zara's A/W 2009 line. The blazer is inspired by Tom Ford's latest lapel take on tuxedos and if you want the original well shell out ~ 4000 US kahunas.

The denim vest is a Dsquared number slightly mutated and lord knows they ain't cheap.

A lot of guys and gals out there are also designing distress leather boots and if you don't want to shell out north of 500 US Mr. Washingtons then well buy these ones.

In fact I think will get this outfit, put one of my notorious pins on it and head out on town and paint it some random shade of crimson.


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