Wednesday, 11 November 2009

mmm...excuse me are you in a band?

Leather pants are tough to pull off. The fit has to be right, you must have the proper legs/bum for them, the pants have to match the rest of the outfit and be made of high quality leather.

If done properly they will blow everyone away and if done wrongly they will make you look like rejects from a Poison groupie convention.

I think leather pants coupled with a short dark denim jacket is a good look this year. I saw this in Dsquared's 2009 fall show and although am not too sure about the corset/top hybrid really do like the rest of the look. It gives off a really rebellious rock attitude that all of us boys are crazy about. Plus it really will show off your legs. Its not for everyone but is a good look nonetheless.

Fender guitars strapped to the back are of course optional

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