Monday, 1 March 2010

Let's hit the beach...ummm or the club?

As I previously mentioned something funky and sexy is happening at Gucci. I was having drinks with Helen (a lovely fashion savvy sweetheart) last week and we both agreed that Frida is injecting some serious sex appeal into the S/S 2010 collection.

Case in point this very heart palpitating (from a male perspective) swimsuit. The shoes and the bag really take this outfit from your casual beach fare to what you would wear on a billionaire's super yacht. Nonetheless the whole thing is quite sexy without being cheap.

I promise to mortgage my life and buy some sort of a boat if someone promises to wear this


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  1. Kaveh,

    I couldn't agree more when you say something "funky and sexy" has happened over at Gucci. They are so on point with their s/s 10 collection this year.